Child Custody

Child Custody

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Child Custody  We effectively negotiate, and litigate child custody matters (legal decision making and the actual physical parenting time scheduling) in detail to reduce future modifications. We handle matters that fall under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act, and we assist people addressing supervised parenting time. Contested child custody require a clear approach and joint parental action.

In the simplest of terms, an attorney is a problem solver. Specifically, a client comes to the attorney with a problem and seeks the attorneys assistance in fashioning an outcome that will, from the clients perspective, solve the problem.

Generally, an attorneys assistance is required for one of two main reasons. First, the problem might require a solution that is too complex for the client to solve without the professional and/or legal experience of the attorney. The second, and far more common reason to seek the assistance of an attorney, is that often times there is an opposing party with the same problem as the client, but with a vastly different idea of what an appropriate outcome should be. When this occurs, I must then persuade the opposing party or a judge that the outcome my client seeks is the most just. This requires a good sense of pragmatism, as well as legal knowledge and ability.

While many people say that want an attorney that is “tough” or “aggressive”, and that will “fight” for them, they often do not think about what that means. To me, being tough means finding out what my client wants, and not settling for less.

This does not necessarily involve attacking or destroying the opposite party. Often times, such an approach merely results in the parties hating each other, and lawyers making a lot of money. If I can get what my clients want by being nice, then I will be nice. If I must take a case to trial, I will be prepared and put on the best case possible – even if it involves presenting facts that the opposite party finds offensive – so long as they are relevant and have a bearing on the case.

I never lose sight of the fact that in child custody cases, the parties will still be dealing with each other, and their children will still love BOTH of their parents, long after I have moved on to other cases.

Robert Carpenter

G. Robert Carpenter