Fees & Pricing

Most people want to know at the beginning of a court case how much the representation is ultimately going to cost. The frustrating answer usually is “it’s impossible to tell.” In general terms, the following rates for the professional services offered by my firm are:

Attorney services Legal Assistant services
$275.00 per hour $100.00 per hour

As most people know, attorneys generally charge a retainer sometimes referred to as a down payment or advance payment, which billed against at the inception of the case. The amount I require for an advance payment of fees will vary depending upon the nature and complexity of the case. As a general rule, I start with the following retainer amounts and I adjust up or down based upon the specific facts of your case:

For a divorce involving minor children where custody is at issue For a divorce involving minor children in which the parties agree as to custody, parenting time and child support For a divorce that does not involve minor children and does not involve extraordinarily complicated property settlement issues
$2500.00 $1500.00 $1500.00

The foregoing retainer amounts are not flat fees for the completion of the case and really do not even represent an estimate of what the final costs would be. That is dependent completely upon the course the case takes. I do not do any representation on a flat fee basis for a number of reasons. Chief among them, is that attorneys who handle cases on a flat fee have no incentive whatsoever to actually work on your case once the fee has been paid, and clients who have paid a flat fee have no incentive whatsoever to settle the case if they know it will cost them nothing to continue litigating.

There are certain services which can be performed on a flat fee that involve me preparing legal documents and providing my legal expertise, but which do not involve me representing the client in Court. Examples of this would include drafting certain wills and estate planning documents. Additionally, the services related more directly to family law include assisting parties with non-contested divorces. The fees for this service are currently as follows:

Non-contested divorce without minor children Non-contested divorce with minor children Non-contested divorce with minor children w/ opt out of Friend of the Court Services
$500.00 plus Filing fees $600.00 plus Filing Fees $800.00 plus Filing Fees

Obviously, the parties to a divorce can save a great deal of time and expense by reaching an agreement between themselves and proceeding in a non-contested fashion. However, this is not always possible. If you believe you are a good candidate for our non-contested divorce services, please feel free to inquire.