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G. Robert Carpenter - Family Law Attorney

Child Custody

We effectively negotiate, and litigate child custody matters in detail to reduce future modifications.


When a marriage is legally terminated, the court divides your assets, debts, provides for minor children and deals with any maintenance issues.

Child Support

We ensure the court has accurate information, including proper review of deductions to gross income, to reach a fair decision on your behalf.

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Located in the historic Alger Heights business district, the attorneys at Carpenter and Judd, P.C. Have been assisting clients with their legal needs for over 10 years. We proudly represent clients in the Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Holland areas.

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Bulletin Board

  • Public Acts (Signed Bills):
  • HB 4535

    Conditions involving termination of parental rights; restrict

    Effective 09/04/2010

  • Bills:
  • SB 1203

    Payment of child support by person claiming to be the father in adoption dispute; allow establishment of friend of the court case


    SB 1127

    No-fault divorces; eliminate under certain circumstances. amends sections 6 & 7 of 1846 RS 84